Our classical approach to standard services is unwavering here at Dot media house. A couple of work we do in the video editing stage includes, the addition of special effects, video enhancement, sound corrections, image stabilization, audio mix, synchronizing sound with videos, grading footage.

We make use of the latest video editing software such as, adobe premiere pro, avid media composer, final cut pro X, Hit film express, DaVinci resolve, adobe after effects, Sony Vegas pro 15, Vegas, pinnacle studio, and a few others in our bid to make our work easy and to ensure timely delivery of quality work to our clients.

We also ensure the welfare and health of our viewers in mind by making proper adjustments in image stabilization so as to prevent blurred vision or dizziness which might occur as a result of so many animations and characters in motion. We also deliver quality audio sync by making use of standard audio syncing software such as red giant`s plural eyes software, and premiere pro`s merge to effortlessly sync audios to video pictures and motions. Consequently, we also make use of ocenaudio, Hya-wave, twisted wave, wave pad, wavosaur, acoustica basic and a lot of others to help in our audio mixing and edits.