Pre Production

At Dot media house, our pre-production service ranges from short film pre-production shoots to corporate films, feature films, motivational videos and quite a number of others. Our team makes use of professional and quality digital tools to fix and put in place the appropriate elements needed for a screenplay or a film production and any other related performance shoots. With the success of our client`s work as our major focus, we actively collate their pre-shot process information and ensure our filming and video process synchronizes with the required scenery and atmosphere. More so, we actively get involved with our clients and their needs and also understand their budget while putting into consideration quality delivery.

With our consultation unit on standby upon idea creation, measures are taken to give the required video length and corresponding digital view with the audio sounds inclusive to ensure a smooth running of operations. Also, we create production schedules for our team and our clients to work with while exploring creativity to its max. Our production schedule is always vital to our production shoot as it contains our location, shot scenes, dates and time, team members and equipment to be used. At Dot media house, our productions are always authentic.