Dot Media House

We are a foremost leading brand in the entertainment industry with our services extending beyond pre to post productions, animations, video editing and branding. We are also actively into media consultation with our best in-house team readily on the go with up-to-date and standard information and news feed from around the globe on the latest technological upgrade and invention channeled to delivering marketable services.

Dot media house stands to serve your need by giving you value for services rendered at the same time offering quality design coverage for your projects. Satisfying our clients is our topmost priority and we ensure to strike a balance by also maintaining relevance in our niche.

Success Story

Dot Media house has its history in the digital world of arts with its coverage in filmmaking, client testimonial videos, 2D/3D animation videos and many other service channels. We have over a thousand clients with outstanding reviews and ratings for our brand, we have successfully done an animation coverage for one of the most sought out video games in India and we have successfully gotten over a million subscribers to our website portal. Our brand has extended beyond India and has gone viral in other states which was made possible through active digital enlightenment and advertisement. More so, we are well known in the Bollywood industry for our amazing film work.








We do this, because we love it.





How it works

We specialize in creating your videos and everything related to video works including graphics, design including branding of your products. When it comes to video creation, we listen to your idea and specifications, design it and create a model for it and view it from all angle to see if it would be a marketable plan for your brand and we adequately inform you, working with you all the way to delivering quality work.


Discussing Ideas, Planning, Discussion etc.


Pre and Post Production, Locations etc.


Editings, Animations, Brandings etc.